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Kathy Roberts, Giftofstrength® Services, is committed to providing high quality services. She strives high on integrity and honesty and settles for no short-cuts. Her goal is to provide the best quality service possible in order to achieve high customer satisfaction to continue to build on her already ranked high and great business reputation.




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Services:  Kathy Roberts, Giftofstrength® Services is committed to providing high quality services. She strives high on integrity and honesty and settles for no short-cuts. Her goal is to provide the best quality service possible in order to achieve high customer satisfaction to continue to build on her already ranked high and great business reputation.

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Attack the Back DVD

This back routine workout is very explosive and features the deadlift using the sumo style.

The sumo style lifting works your hamstrings, quads, gluts, calves, arms, shoulders and focuses strongly on the lower back.

With the sumo style, the legs are positioned outside of the shoulders while the arms are located between the legs.  It allows you to pull heavier weights for a "shorter" distance , without the back strain of the straight legged /conventional style deadlift.

This video demonstrates the proper technique and shows how to be explosive with any amount of weight.


I watched your video and was very impressed. You are quite an impressive physical specimen. In fact, when I first saw the back shot on your video promo page at your site I thought "My god, it looks like she's wearing some huge shoulder pads or body armor under that shirt!" But obviously, that was your massive back muscles.

The video was good quality and I am also impressed with your strong-minded, confident, no-nonsense personality that came across. You are a monster in the gym, I could really see the intensity on those deadlifts. 

Your routine was great... heavy compound movements are the ways to get big and strong. I also don't powerlift now, focusing more on bodybuilding but with powerlifting movements as the core of my routine. I may try some powerlifting in the future. 

Congratulations on your first video and I look forward to the next one.  Keep up the good work, you're a great role model.

Paul Sakowski
One day a couple of years ago, Kathy Roberts gave me some tips on how to maximize my deadlift. She gave me a lot of hints on how to use my gluts and hams and also gave me pointers on the style of the deadlift. She worked with me for a while to get my technique right.  

Kathy's back routine is absolutely the best way to go, especially the deadlift. Her style, sumo, saves from wear and tear on the back. I am taller and I find that the sumo style works great for me. One thing guaranteed, with the sumo style, is that once you get it moving, it will go up.  With conventional, you'll get it off the floor and get stuck.  I've tried both styles and sumo style has been the most successful for me. 

In the time that I trained with Kathy and her back routine, my increase of weight in the deadlift went up at least 100 pounds. I've only done two full competitions. In my first competition, I weighed in  around 212 pounds, and I pulled a 580 pound deadlift. A year later, which was October of 1999, I competed in the USAPL state competition, and pulled a 640 pound deadlift at a body weight of 214. I benched 430 pounds, drug free. 

Two weeks later, I went back to the gym a pulled a 650 pound deadlift. I'm look forward to a bigger deadlift for my next competition.

KATHY'S back routine definitely works!!!!!

Tony Harris


Well I wanted to let you know I got your tape and I watched it with my son who trains with my brother and I and my daughter who wanted to see "The woman who calls me". Great tape but guess what, you stole my back routine. Keith and I have always stuck to the basics and have had great results. The secret, as you state in your video, is not the newest or most complex training methods, but simple basic training married with FOCUS!!!! The people that I work with have always wondered how can a non-degreed person have progressed so far with a world leadin manufacturing company. Well guess what, the secret is FOCUS, MOTIVATION, SELF CONFIDENCE and DETERMINATION!!! I believe that you and I both have all of these attributes and more because I can see it in the way you carried yourself in the tape. So, Stay FOCUSED and keep your eye on the Prize. The only person who can stop you is .... guess who? YOU!!!!!! Keep the faith and GET STRONG!!!! 

Kevin Bourassa, World Champion "Life Time Drug Free" Powerlifter


It was pretty intense! It was neat to see you "live". 
Barefoot deadlifting? Interesting. You're definitely open-minded. That totally makes sense to train under less advantageous conditions than those with which you have to compete under. It makes it seem like a luxury when you have shoes, and wraps....

I did find it hard to believe you were once a tennis player/ long-distance runner after watching the tape. :) Not because you're not athletic, because you obviously are. But just because your body must have changed so much since then. I couldn't see Martina Hingis doing deadlift sets at 345 lbs., that's all. Or Pete Sampras for that matter.

Anup (Professional Baseball Scout)

Would you like to help make an impact on the lives of young students?

A portion of all video and tee-shirt sales helps provide motivational speaking services and lectures to students across the United States.  Funds will be utilized to provide mementoes such as pens, trading cards, and t-shirts to students attending my DRUG FREE demonstrations and seminars. Additional donations of any denomination are welcome and can be made by clicking on the icon below.

America's youth needs to be educated about the dangers of steroids, other drugs and alcohol.  You can make this happen by making a donation to the Giftofstrength.com®  website, owned by Kathy Roberts, Lifetime Drugfree World Champion Powerlifter/Motivational Speaker.

Make a donation today!!! MAKE AN INVESTMENT IN THE FUTURE!

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Nicotine, and Drugs™
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Hi Kathy, Just wanted to thank you for the Video and goodies you sent.  I've watched the video three (3) times now and I am totally amazed at how powerful you are. You don't even get out of breath. Everyone at the gym watched too and they think you are totally awesome. . . You have a great personality, friendly and honest and you know through God all things are possible. K. Cash, Oregon

Thanks Kathy for just being there and your encouraging support. You are a true inspiration for all of us women.

K. Cash, Oregon, 2004


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Please click here to see Positive Reinforcement from Kathy's fans and followers from around the globe!

Kathy Balt

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