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Kathy Roberts, Lifetime DRUGFREE World Champion Powerlifter

Kathy’s motivation and confidence over the last 14 years has resulted in success and allowed her to remain at the top of her game.  She refuses to use performance enhancing drugs because her self-assurance has convinced her that she is personally capable of achieving all of her goals with integrity, honesty, dignity and honor.  Her accomplishments are proof of her philosophy that will-power is stronger than any drug. It's about self-belief, having faith and knowing that you can accomplish your goals without using anything that will eventually destroy your body.

Here are a few of the many articles that were published by Kathy Roberts throughout the years in her
adamant stand against any form of drugs, alcohol and nicotine.


When Are We Going to Wake Up?

by Kathy Roberts Lifetime Drugfree World Champion Powerlifter
May 2000
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It’s a sad story, but there are many people in the world today claiming to be drug free. These people are not only fooling you, but also young children. I don’t understand how people can be so naïve about this issue. The question you might ask yourself is, "How do you know for sure that someone is on drugs?" Sometimes it’s very obvious as steroid use can cause very outwardly visible side effects. Some of these include severe acne, and trembling, baldness, development of breasts in men, growth of facial hair, male-pattern baldness, and a deepened voice in women. It can also cause an otherwise calm individual to have unexplained anger outbreaks and "roid" rages. Sometimes we don’t know about their use until someone dies or maybe they test positive for GHB or steroids. Sometimes we may never know. The other interesting bit of information is the way these people refer to their drugs. They often call their poison, "supplements". Don’t be fooled by this term. When most people here the word "supplements", we often think it’s a vitamin or something we can get over the counter. They also refer to steroids as, "sauce", "juice", or plain old "roids". I’m sure there are many other names. The bottom line here is don’t be naïve.

The bottom line is that these people are not only lying to themselves, but to their families, friends, and others. Some of these family members never find out until they get a call from the morgue. The sad part about it all is that the children are being corrupted by all the hype surrounding various athletes and sport stars. These children are our future and they are getting the message from their so-called "role models". No!, it’s not okay to do drugs. No it’s not okay to use Andro or any other type of steroid. The bottom line is, you’ll never use it just once. Don’t start and you’ll never have a problem.

What will the world be like in another few years? I believe that we have enough problems and issues as it is. Why bring any unnecessary problems to the forefront? We need to find a way to get rid of all the drug use. We need to stop the drug dealing and come clean. We are supposed to be in a sport for our health, to become the best that we can be, to become the best in the world in specific sports, or to win medals, to display our natural abilities. Why are so many people use drugs? I believe that it stems from low self-esteem, not believing in one’s self, not being genetically inclined, or maybe to get bigger and stronger, easier and faster. Unfortunately, today we live in an instant world. There is an instant answer, an instant fix to any problem that you can  imagine. The problem here is that we act so quickly that we often neglect to think about the consequences.  We need to take good care of our children, love them, and teach them good self-esteem so that they can love themselves for who they are. We need to lead them in the right direction, teach them to think before they act, and act responsibly. Teach them that they can do anything that they set their minds to, and you’d be surprised what they can actually do. 

Over the years I’ve been contacted by a few web sites that wanted to exchange reciprocal links. When I visit their site to check it out, I’ve noticed either directly on their site or on the links page, various sections promoting drugs, andro, and various types of performance enhancers. These individuals contacted me and said that our sites would be good for each other. My question is, "How?, I think not." I will not allow myself to be used by any one of these people. As long as I can control it, I will not let it happen. I’ve also noticed that these same individuals search around being very sneaky by sending messages to individuals linked to my page, asking them to exchange links and using my name to try and close the deal. This is the way these people work deceitful, sneaky lies. If we want our children to grow up with healthy minds and healthy bodies, we have to stop these deceitful hypocrites. We know that people will do anything to gain public recognition in promoting and selling illegal enhancers. Drug promoters are looking for a new arena. These people are a menace to society. 

Honesty and integrity are very hard to find and it continues to worsen as time goes by. There are consequences to everyone's actions, whether you think you can be caught or not.  There will be consequences.

It’s a shame when someone can easily walk into the gym and purchase drugs. They often get these drugs from some doctors, pharmacists, gym owners and patrons, some coaches, or even from their peers. I wrote a couple of articles that relate to the rampant drug problems and two of these articles can be found on my website. One of these articles is titled "Why Do They Continue to Lie." I must say that this article has turned a lot of heads. Please take some time to read it. To access the article, visit my web page at® and look for the link to the article toward the middle of the page. After writing a couple of the articles in 1999, a few months later a few of these individuals died. Who would have known? To me, it’s sad because if someone would have been a true friend or partner and spoken out about the negative aspects of their drug use, maybe they’d be alive today. Don’t wait until it is too late.  We need to open our eyes and realize that we are not invincible, that if we make bad decisions, we will have to pay the consequences. How many more will have to die before we finally get the message? Stand up against steroids, against drugs today!

Be a positive influence on someone you love.


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How Does it Feel to be Lying to Yourself?
by Kathy Roberts Lifetime Drugfree World Champion Powerlifter,
December 2004

There are so many people wanting to be the best in the world, to be #1.  They will use just about every twisted trick that they know to attempt to prove themselves to be #1 or to a be drug free or lifetime drug free competitor in their class or division; all of this while they are loaded up on drugs.  How could one live with such a conscious?  Some may look at it as being insane or that it can’t be true.  A person cannot be that deceitful.  Well, I’m here to tell you that, “Oh, yes, they can.”

Look at all that is going on in the BALCO “trauma of drama”.  These individuals who are getting caught didn’t think that this would catch up with them. They thought that because they were using the best performance enhancers that they could find, that it would be hard to detect. The wake up call came in this years Olympics when many of the athletes were busted in various different sports. Then there was the shake-up in professional baseball. There are many more that are living this lie. These people are good at telling honest lies.  They’ve convinced themselves that what they are doing is okay, therefore, the public is convinced, at times.

I also feel strongly about the athletes ownership of the problem when they test positive for steroid or performance enhancers.  When they are caught, some of the athletes claim that they didn't know what was given to them. As an athlete myself, I know that it is extremely important to know what I'm putting inside of my body. It's simply common sense to know what you are being given regardless of it's form, e.g., creams, pills, patches, GHB, THG, Andro, DHEA, Clenbuterol, Ephedrine, DMT, etc.  For some of the weight lifters, football players, bodybuilders and tennis players, to name a few, when you are caught with Ephedrine in your system, and you give a pitiful excuse like you don't know what it was or what it does--or you go as far as saying that you didn't know that it was a banned substance--get off it. These stimulants/drugs are listed as banned substances. As an athlete, especially a pro athlete, you should know better. You really do know, but then that denial stage starts kicking in.  If they take responsibility when it's time to win a competition, win a gold medal, or set a record, then they should take the responsibility and set the record straight about what got them there.

How could you feel comfortable with yourself creating a plastic illusion for our present and future up and coming young athletes?  How could one live in that plastic bubble they live in?  It’s all in the name of fame, to supposedly be the best. I believe that organizations need to be stricter and be consistent in administering drug tests to athletes of all sports. There is also a problem in powerlifting with all the different types of equipment that people are using.  Is that true strength?


If you have a cheating spirit and a cheating heart it is more of a selfish act and it is inconsiderate of the other competitors who have really worked hard to obtain their goals naturally.  It shows that you are willing to walk over anyone at any cost. If you're willing to risk your life/health for fame/money, then you will have no regard for others.

In all actuality, when it comes to getting to the bottom of the problem, we need to start from the top and trickle down to the bottom.  Or we can start from the bottom and move our way to the top.  Doctors, coaches, trainers, meet directors, commissioners, managers, owners, and athletes all need to take responsibility for their actions. This includes some middle school coaches and high school coaches.

There are some people who claim to use drug enhancers for medical reasons, yet they want to compete in a drug free organization.  How could that be?  This is cheating!  Making excuses for people because you “supposedly” care for them does not make it right, nor is it helping that person.  It could eventually cost them their life, a history of medical problems, and/or disrupt their lives permanently.

Many of you may not want to hear the truth, but the truth is, if you stop living a lie, you may stop yourself from many troubles in the future.  When you load up on drugs and find any way to cheat, it means that you don’t truly believe in yourself, or your abilities.  The bottom line is that it means that you are weak—mentally and physically.  Start truly believing in yourself and you will find true strength and happiness from within.

Another thing is that you cannot go from being on drugs to drug free then to lifetime drug free.  You are painting a messy picture; a picture of confusing, messed up lies.  Lifetime drug free means that you haven’t used drugs or performance enhancers and you’ve tested negative throughout your life.

I don’t admire someone who is on drugs.  For those of you who say that it’s admirable, if anything, it’s a sad situation. There are many who believe that because someone in the sport of powerlifting squats, benches or deadlifts anywhere from 700 to over 1000 pounds (with the use of drugs) that it’s admirable. You need to get your conscious in check.

Stop the cheating, scheming, scamming and manipulating.  If you don’t stop, it will eventually stop you.  Once again, you will find true strength and happiness from within yourself, not from within a substance that you introduce to your body.

  "Self esteem is an inside job"


"Woe unto you, scribes and Pharisees, hypocrites! for ye are like unto whited sepulchres, which indeed appear beautiful outward, but are within full of dead men's bones, and of all uncleanness. Even so ye also outwardly appear righteous unto men, but within ye are full of hypocrisy and iniquity." Matt. 23:27-28


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