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My own life and professional journey have been one of significant change and transformations. Having studied in sociology and human behavior for several years and volunteering in various culturally challenged settings, this provides a powerful basis for my professional and life coaching services.

I am passionate about supporting people in reaching their dreams. I find that coaching is a wonderful way to walk alongside people in their complex professional and personal life journeys and help them enjoy the continuing transformations they want for their lives. Self experience is key to transformation. A person needs to go through the valley in order to have a full life experience; you can't go around it, above it or under it.

"When I talk with people, I can see their potential and their possibilities sometimes with much greater confidence than they do!"


Emotionally committed relationships bring excitement and passion into our lives, especially when they are new. Over time, however, we come across roadblocks based in personal issues that can distance us from our partners. When we first enter into a committed relationship, we may think that we have found the answer to life's problems, that we have a partner to share in daily turmoil, that we will never be alone again, that it will be smooth sailing from here on out. If we base relationships on these assumptions, however, we may be sorely disappointed when our partners fail to live up to these expectations. There is a strong probability that if we look to another person to provide fulfillment, we will begin to focus on the failings of that person as the cause of our own disappointment. This pattern is the reason for a great deal of discord in committed relationships. Many people who come in for relationship therapy actually hope that the therapy will change their partner because they are convinced that the partner is the course of the problem Over time many relationships enter a stage where the partners feel distanced from each other. The initial passion, sexual freedom, intimacy, and feelings of connectedness with the partner fade. Either person may begin to feel that, although they love their partner, they are no longer "in love." At the same time, both partners may feel that they have lost themselves in the relationship. They have given so much to the relationship in terms of their time, their energies, and their emotions that they have lost what made them feel unique as individuals. They have abandoned old friendships, hobbies, and activities that brought interest and excitement to theory own lives in order to devote time and energy to the relationship, resentment toward the partner may emerge. How does a relationship, which may have once shown such promise, end up in a place where the two partners feel distant and may not even like each other very much (even though they feel that love is still there)? The answer lies within. The people who come together in an emotional commitment carry with them a legacy of their own fears, anxieties and unresolved problems. It is sometimes uncomfortable for us to come to terms with our own baggage, It is, in fact, so troublesome that we are unable to look within ourselves. When that happens, we tend to attribute the problem to our partners, a process called projection. Rather than accepting the fact that our partners are just being themselves and probably have the best of intentions, we define the source of our own anxiety as lying within the other person. When we feel uncomfortable about something our partners say or do, we may not realize that our discomfort may derive from a source that we have not examined within ourselves - like our own control issues, our jealousy, our insecurity, or our fear of dependence or independence. Our partners may simply be triggering our own unresolved difficulties. The clue is to search within our own lives to see why we have difficulty with these issues. And this is no small task to become acquainted with oneself is indeed a terrible shock.

Using Effective Communication Techniques to Reduce Conflict

Once you find yourself in a conflicted situation with someone else, it is important to reduce the emotional charge from the situation so that you and the other person can deal with your differences on a rational level in resolving the conflict.

Here are a few tips in resolving communication conflicts:

Empathy: Try to put yourself into the shoes of the other person. See the world through their eyes. Empathy is an important listening technique which gives the other feedback that he or she is being heard.

Exploration: Ask gentle, probing questions about what the other person is thinking and feeling. Encourage the other to talk fully about what is on his or her mind. Using "I"

Statements: Take responsibility for your own thoughts rather than attributing motives to the other person. This decreases the chance that the other person will become defensive.

Stroking: Find positive things to say about the other person, even if the other is angry with you. Show a respectful attitude.


Kathy's Inspirational Quotes

"Freedom, Well, Lets first start with the mind" ©Kathy Roberts, Independence day!

"Your true character shows when you are at your weakest point." ©Kathy Roberts

"Don't let hatred and jealousy from others cause you to change who you are." ©Kathy Roberts

"You don't have to like the truth, but I'll give it to you anyway." ©Kathy Roberts

"The only way to nourish your soul is to have and give love and compassion." ©Kathy Roberts

"What is the light of my world? Love and Compassion. What lights up my world? Giving back love and compassion." ©Kathy Roberts

"There are high consequences for telling the truth but the consequences for telling a lie is enormous. I live for Truth." ©Kathy Roberts

"We live in a world that is full of lies and deceit by people. But its more than okay to live for the truth. My conscience is alert and I get good rest at night!" ©Kathy Roberts

"We are living in a time where their is more lying and deceiving people than good people. Don't trust someone else to watch your back, they will quicker leave you wounded and scarred, instead trust God he can do what man cannot comprehend." ©Kathy Roberts

"People will try to rob you any way they can and then pretend they are good samaritans so they can reap the benefits. The foolish thing is the majority of the people fall for it. It's evident that a thief is always a thief." ©Kathy Roberts

"There is just no giving for some people, only taking and acting like they are doing something." ©Kathy Roberts

"People in this world are plagued with greed. They tell you to give everything that you got or give as much as you can, but yet they give nothing." ©Kathy Roberts

"Something for nothing leaves nothing." ©Kathy Roberts

"People will try to rob you any way they can and then pretend they are good samaritans so they can reap the benefits. The foolish thing is the majority of the people fall for it. It's evident that a thief is always a thief." ©Kathy Roberts

"3rd party is only more room for corruption". ©Kathy Roberts

"Whoever I feel will make the effort to do something for all people. I can easily choose one party over the other for many reasons, but that would be selfish. I look at this country, the United States of America and the world in general and not my own selfish desires. If we work together to improve conditions for everyone, the world would be less toxic. If you know something better feel free to challenge what I said, but come correct." ©Kathy Roberts

"For I cannot pretend to be less than I am to be suitable for someone else." ©Kathy Roberts

"Don't come down to someone else's level, let them rise to the occasion." ©Kathy Roberts

"Haters are much like glass, you can see right through them and they crack under pressure. They only fool others like themselves or those who resemble them." ©Kathy Roberts

"Some people call God invisible (or say he doesn't exist). I'd much rather believe in the invisible than put my faith and trust in what I see in the world today." ©Kathy Roberts

"It is far more important to have your own individuality than to be a carbon copy or an imitation of another." ©Kathy Roberts

"Don't expect to climb mountains without busting a sweat." ©Kathy Roberts

"If you want to jump on the bandwagon, bring something valuable with you." ©Kathy Roberts

"I keep on rising no matter the circumstances; God is in control. Shocking? It shouldn't be! That's man's way of thinking." ©Kathy Roberts

"Poverty is not an excuse for self-destruction, but should be used for self preservation." ©Kathy Roberts

"Knowing who you are and what you've accomplished is far more important than waiting around... for someone else to recognize it or show their appreciation for it. You will wait in vain for that. Valuing yourself and your accomplishments is important." ©Kathy Roberts

"Some see it as confidence. Some see it as cockiness. Eminem (the rapper) says, "I am who you say I am". The great thing about it is I know who I am. The greatest thing above all is God knows who I am." ©Kathy Roberts

"I'd rather have a few good souls that I consider friends than a multitude of human waste." ©Kathy Roberts

"Don't worry about the occasional loss. It's just a step back to learn something that you missed." ©Kathy Roberts

"I will never worship man. My worship belongs to God." ©Kathy Roberts


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