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Kathy Roberts, Owner/Creator of Giftofstrength® Services, is a Lifetime Drugfree World Champion Powerlifter. Followed my own method of training for well over fourteen years w/ focus, dedication and discipline to become a champion. Over the last fourteen years I've competed in the sport of powerlifting in five different weight categories setting world, national, regional and state records in each category. During that time I have been listed in the Top Twenty Strongest Lifters in the world and in the Top 50 All Time Strongest Lifters in the world. My success in powerlifting has given me a springboard for opportunities, but more importantly my motivation and drive, having faith and believing that I can achieve the goals that I aspire for, having my own vision that anything is possible. It's possible to not only dream it, but to reach out and grab it.

For over a decade, as a motivational speaker I've spoken to students and adults of all ages. I've spoke at elementary, middle and high schools, detention centers, correctional facilities, conventions, and drugfree workshops. Helped to mentor young women/men whose lives were not productive, encouraging them to strive for better and to dream bigger, sharing tips on how to self-motivate and not self-destruct.

Participated in programs for Mothers Against Drunk Drivers (MADD), Students Against Destructive Decisions (SADD) and Red Ribbon programs, reaching and teaching world wide about the dangers of alcohol, drugs, and steroids/performance enhancing drugs. In addition, I daily motivate individuals at gyms and fitness centers across the nation. Worked with several blooming young talented athletes, assisting with training program and techniques.

Contributed to several books and magazines, designed to inspire and motivate young teens and adults, written articles in newspapers and magazines, and had a regular feature in a regional drugfree newspaper.

Earned my degree in Administration of Justice along with education in other specialty areas. I am a 9/11 Pentagon Hero. I enjoy people that are open minded and open hearted, people that are unselfish and unafraid to step outside the box. Fear has no factor.

For speaking engagement requests (bookings), fitness or workout advice, or any form of consultation, please fill complete the form at the bottom of the page. Make sure to include specific request details and you will be provided with the total expenditures and a detailed breakout for services and related expenses which includes, but is not limited to, honorarium, etc. !

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Kathy Roberts, Giftofstrength® Services, is actively pursuing motivational  speaking opportunities at schools of all levels, recreational centers, Boys and Girls Clubs, YMCA’s across the United States!  Any companies interested in providing sponsorship to Kathy Roberts, Giftofstrength® Services email us at gosservices@aol.com!!!!

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(Cost will be determined on a case by case basis)

  1. Logo inclusion on all marketing collateral (flyers, posters, radio/tv ads, etc.)
  2. Banner ads on websites and social networking (myspace, facebook, etc.),

Motivational Speaking Credits

April 2010
Rose Street Community Center, Speaking with Young Adult Participants and interviewed Owner/Creator
October 2009
Pelham Fall Classic Tournament, Pelham, AL
August 2009
Southern Clay Closed Tournament, Pelham, AL
June 2009
Alabama State Closed Tournament, Pelham, AL
June 2009
Southern Open Boys & Girls 14 Championships, Pelham, AL
May 2009
The 2nd Annual Rick and Bubba Super Summer Slam Tournament, Pelham, AL
May/April 2009
USTA 2009 Alabama Senior State League Championships, Senior (50+) League, Pelham, AL
March 2009
25K Women's Challenger, a USTA Pro Circuit Event, Pelham, AL
October 2008
Guest Speaker, USTA Kids Day, Dick's Sporting Goods Pittsburgh Women's Challenger, Professional Tennis, ITF Women's Pro Circuit
August 2008
KATHY ROBERTS is featured on Inspire Me Today, a website that features amazing inspiration from our Inspirational Luminaries™. This includes a radio interview, quote, and short bio.
October 2008
Pelham Fall Classic Tournament, Pelham, AL
August 2008
Southern Clay Closed Tournament, Pelham, AL
June 2008
Alabama State Closed Tournament, Pelham, AL
June 2008
Southern Open Boys & Girls 14 Championships, Pelham, AL
May 2008
Rick and Bubba Super Summer Slam Tournament, Pelham, AL
March 2008
25K Women's Challenger, a USTA Pro Circuit Event, Pelham, AL (If you'd like to request any photos, contact GOSServices@aol.com)
December 2007
Received a Letter of Appreciation from the USTA Pro Circuit Director and Manager, Women's Pro Circuit in White Plains, NY for Supporting the M&F Bank Tournaments in Pelham, Alabama
November 2007
TPFGPGH Challenger, Pittsburgh, PA
November 2007
Pelham Fall Classic Tournament, Pelham, AL
October 2007
Southern Senior Closed Tournament, Pelham, AL
August 2007
Alabama State Closed Tournament, Pelham, AL
June 2007
Southern Open Boys & Girls 14 Championships, Pelham, AL
May 2009
USTA 2007 Alabama Senior Championships, Pelham, AL
April 2007
Official Photographer for Pelham Alabama 25K Women's Challenger, a USTA Pro Circuit Event
November 2006
Pittsburgh's Grand Slam, PNC International Tennis Classic, 75K Women's Challenger, a USTA Pro Circuit Event
July 2006
Official Photographer and Promoter for the FNMC National City Tennis Classic, a $75,000 Women's Challenger, USTA Pro Circuit Event.
June 2006
Official Photographer and Promoter for the 75K Women's Challenger Prequalifying tournament
May 2006
Celebrity Pro-Am Fundraiser. The proceeds provide financial aid for future tennis stars at the Junior Tennis Championships Center (JTCC), a non-profit organization focused on high performance junior tennis training
May 2006
Official Photographer and Promoter for USTA Boys 14 Junior National Tennis Tournament, College Park
December 2005;
Kathy's article on Championship Thinking, Think like, act like, and be a winner, was published in the December 2005 Personal Excellence Magazine
October 2005
Kathy was the guest on "Championship Thinking" with Jim Meier Success Or Less: It's All Attitude, Dude! 10-04-05
March 2005
Mentioned in MS Connection, National Capital Chapter, Volume 2005, Issue, This is Why Wendy Walks
Feature a wonderful article about Wendy and a few of her team members (Wendy's Walkers)
March 2005
Kathy is the key sponsor for the Wendy's Walkers MS Walk Team in 2004. She plays a vital role in helping to obtain Wendy's Walkers t-shirts for the entire team and a large number of supporters. Kathy obtains supporter donations and is the leader responsible for obtaining corporate sponsorship for the team.
October 2004
Guest Speaker for Red Ribbon Week at Westminster Christian School, Middle School in Miami, Florida. Talked to 6th, 7th, and 8th grade students about the dangers of alcohol, nicotine, drugs, and steroids. Shared keys to success in setting goals and reaching them.
October 2004
Kathy Roberts is featured in "The Warrior" Newspaper, Winter, 2004, Vol 2. Thanks to Silvia Amador, Staff Writer, The Power to Say "No" , Eddie Solorzano, Senior Writer, & Faith, Focus, and Follow Through and Danny Reyes, Staff Writer
June 2004
Featured Speaker at Waples Mill Elementary School Drug Free Assembly. Spoke to elementary aged students about the dangers of steroids, alcohol, nicotine and drugs. She also stressed the importance of doing the right things to go places in life.
April 17, 2004
Fellowship of Christian Athletes, A Day of Champions. Participated as a Motivational Speaker and mentor to students of all ages, races, and backgrounds. Spoke to students about staying in school and saying NO to drugs
March 2004
Featured Speaker and Demonstrator at the Hybla Valley Elementary School 13th Annual Career Day
September 2003
Awarded September 11, 2001 Hero Awards
Gazette Packet Newspaper, "Roberts Writes to Lift Girls Spirits, (Roberts Rises Above the Fray)
April 2001
Featured Speaker at the Hybla Valley Elementary School 10th Annual Career Day
January 2001
Subject Matter Expert/Evaluator for Senior Project entitled "POWER TRAINING" by Devon Armstrong, Wakefield High School, VA
March 2000
Guest Speaker at Groveton Baptist Church's "Hit the Beach" youth fellowship, VA
August 1999
Flashes of Brilliance, 10th Anniversary of the Commonwealth Games of Virginia, Roanoke Valley Sports Journal
April 1999
Guest Speaker, Negatives of Drugs and Alcohol, Dozier Middle School
July 1998
Guest Speaker at Blue Ridge Health & Wellness Conference, Virginia Dept. of Education, Randolph-Macon College, Lynchburg, VA
May 1998
Keynote Speaker at SADD Prom Promise Week, Fort Defiance, VA
April 1998
Guest Speaker at SADD Club Mass Assembly, 500-600 students, Floyd County, VA
March 1998
Keynote Speaker at Tidewater Regional Youth Alcohol and Drug Abuse Prevention Project Conference, Norfolk, VA
February 1998
Expert Speaker at the Richmond Health, Fitness & Sports Expo, The Richmond Fairgrounds, Richmond, VA
Washington Times, March of Dimes, Walk America -- Featured Sponsor
Kathy spoke to student body assembly at the Westpoint High School, West Point, VA about the dangers of drugs and the importance of staying in school. Video available for purchase
November 1997
Featured in the Clark Times-Courier, Guest Speaker at Clark County High School, Clark County, VA
Featured on "Faces of Courage" on Fox television. The program was dedicated to individuals who have made a positive impact on the community. Video available for purchase
June 1995
Kathy appeared on Kids Club with Renaldo Nehemia (Olympic Gold Medalist in Track and Field), Home Team Sports channel, June 9, 1995. Video available for purchase.
June 1995
Kathy spoke to inmates at the Herman Toulson Correctional Boot Camp about setting goals and how to reach those goals through hard work, determination and dedication. She spoke to them about overcoming adversities. Video available for purchase
Gazette Packet Newspaper, Kathy Roberts featured in "People in Sports"
The Capital Spotlight, "Information is Power", Kathy Roberts featured in Sports Section for Powerlifting Records Set
Sponsored by McDonald's for the Portraits of the City Campaign which was featured in seven different newspapers in the District of Columbia honoring unsung heroes in the community.


Participated in several sports radio show interviews on WPGC, 95.5, WKYS, 93.9, WTEM SportsTalk 980 with Rick 'Doc' Walker and also with Kevin Kiley who hosted Kiley and the Coach, WOL, 1450 AM News Talk Radio with Gary "Digital" Williams and Henry "Discombobulating" Jones, (Where Information is Power), WTEM 570 AM with Jerry Phillips on Metro Talk, ON the Road Show and various other sports radio programs in Maryland, Virginia, and the District of Columbia--Worldwide.

Ms. Roberts has also been the subject of several local and national radio and television show interviews in addition to the printed media.

Ms. Roberts is a frequent guest columnist in the "Steele Jungle" magazine, a national anti-steroid quarterly publication.

Articles written by Kathy Roberts for Steele Jungle Publication

* Dr. Do the Right Thing, September 2001
* Charles William Walker, June 2001
* To Dope or Not to Dope, Part 2, March 2001
* To Dope or Not to Dope, Part 1, December 2000
* What if we All Went on Strike, September 2000
* Chris Thomas Wins Novice at NGS Mt Rogers, June 2000
* Twin Towers of Power, March 2000
* Perpetrating a Fraud, December 1999
* Beast of the Bloody Run, September 1999
* Drugs, Money and Power, July 1999
* Reflection in the MIrror, March 1999
* Why are People so Selfish?, December 1998
* Who Knows What Tomorrow Brings, September 1998
* To Be or Not to Be, June 1998
* Strength Knows No Gender, March, 1998
* Drug Testing in Powerlifting, December 1997

The new school year is approaching fast, so plan ahead to have Ms. Roberts come and speak to your students. References can be provided upon request. If you are interested in more information regarding Ms. Roberts speaking program, fill out the form below to submit an email. Please include point of contact, name of school, a fax number, and a telephone number where you can be reached at. Ms. Roberts will contact you within 24 to 48 hours.

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Pricing for Kathy's motivational speaking services is dependent upon the location for travel costs, the number of students/guests, level of students, the number of lecture sessions, and if a powerlifting demonstration will be involved. Please inquire for details.

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Giftofstrength® Services is a Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB) and a Minority Owned Small Business (MOSB).



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