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(3 Gold, Silver & Bronze medals)

Hello. Welcome to the GIFTTOLIFT™ Personal Training Services. GIFTTOLIFT™ Personal Training is located in the greater metropolitan DC area and area available worldwide, as required. Please have a look around. Hopefully, you will find some insightful information that you can apply to your life of health and fitness. Fitness and conditioning is something you work on for one hour each day. Your life depends on Fitness. With health you are capable of doing anything. Without health, it is difficult to do anything. Whether your 15 or 65+, I will work to ensure that you are healthy and maintain your best physical condition possible and develop a specialized strength training program that is individualized specificlly for you and your health and your needs and help you become familiarized with how to use to your best advantage the fitness, cardio and strength training equipment that you have access to.. One on one individually and specially tailored designed training routines.

I strive high on integrity and honesty and settles for no short-cuts. My goal is to provide the best quality service possible in order to achieve high customer satisfaction to continue to build on my already ranked high and great business reputation.

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kathy bench
Kathy competed in 2010 100% Raw Freedom USA BP/Curl Competition

Kathy won 1st Place in the  Women's 181 pound division setting a new National and State Record, raw (no equipment - Drug Tested ).


kathy deadlift

Kathy competed in 100% Raw Powerlifting Potomac BenchPress/
Deadlift Championships, 2010

2010 National and State Deadlift Champion

Kathy won 1st Place in the  Women's 198 pound division (weighing in at 184 lbs) setting Two National Records and Two State Records, raw (no equipment).

Click on the photo to see the video of the  competition or click here

kathy deadlift2

Worked with Professional tennis players, weight lifters, football players and many other athletes.

I am available for personal training and for online health and fitness tips and information through consultation.

I can help you develop a personalized training program suitable to your goals.

I can teach you about the different types of exercise equipment and show you how to use it.

I can assist you with finding a training program to help you lose weight or tone up.


I can teach you power moves or routines to help you put on mass.




kathy weight


You can view my Abs, Deadlift and Bench videos on this page. High intensity workouts.

YouTube Video - DVD

Kathy & Zac (P1) - Shoulders, Lats
Traps & Back

Kathy & Zac (P2) - Shoulders, Lats
Traps & Back

Kathy & Zac (P3) - Shoulders, Lats
Traps & Back

Kathy & Chris Adding Variety to Your Workout-Part 1
Kathy & Chris Adding Variety to Your Workout-Part 2
Kathy & Chris Adding Variety to Your Workout-Part 3

Kathy Roberts Wins National and State Deadlift Championship Sets 2 New National and State Record

Kathy & Chris - Totally Abs P1

Kathy & Chris - Totally Abs P2

Kathy & Steve, Rock Hard Biceps & Triceps, Part 1

Kathy & Steve, Rock Hard Biceps & Triceps, Part 2

Kathy & Chris McKendry


Powerlifting Records/Accolades

Amateur Athletic Union Powerlifting American Record, 986 pound Total, 181 pound Open, Certificate of Achievement, June 1996
Amateur Athletic Union Powerlifting American Record, 252.53 Benchpress, 181 pound Open, Certificate of Achievement, June 1996
American Drug Free Powerlifting Association, Top 20 Certificate Award, 176 lb. Class Open Division, March 1996


For speaking engagement requests (bookings), fitness or workout advice, or any form of consultation, please send an email to with specific request details and you will be provided with the total expenditures and a detailed breakout for services and related expenses which includes, but is not limited to, honorarium, etc.


Owner and Creator (since 1999)

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Giftofstrength® Services is a Woman Owned Small Business (WOSB) and a Minority Owned Small Business (MOSB).



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Congratulations to R. Roberts for making the July Prince Hot 100 List in the Top 12. Nationally ranked in the Girls 14s and 16.
 July 2010 Tennis Recruiting Article


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