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"Perseverance is a great element of success. If you only knock long enough at the gate, you are sure to wake up somebody."


“Success is assured when you are able to concentrate, for you are then able to utilize for your good all constructive thoughts and shut out all the destructive ones.  It is of the greatest value to be able to think only that which will be beneficial.”


"Man has a way of trying to control the minds of others, but God has a way of taking it back." © Kathy Roberts
"No matter what peole may try to do to hold you back, if you hold on to faith, you will get through it." © Kathy Roberts
"If people would only realize that if they stick together for justice, there will be less injustice." © Kathy Roberts
"The truth never hurts unless one is a culprit to it's own reality." © Kathy Roberts
"Fighting hate is like fighting fire with fuel." © Kathy Roberts

"It's about being who I am and not just being what I want to be. There's a difference in being who you want to be and who you really are. The world will try to change you into being suitable for them, to submit to their wants and their needs. That's not me. When you don't go the route of the world, it's more of a trying situation, a narrow path. That's ok because the bottom line is that I'm fine with just being me." © Kathy Roberts

"Don't let the world weaken you to your knees, especially when some people have nothing good to offer." © Kathy Roberts

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"SPECIAL" © Kathy Roberts

"Faith, confidence, assurance and action, with those all in order, something good is bound to happen." ©Kathy Roberts
"Hateful words generate hateful actions" ©Kathy Roberts

"Continuing to soar at a higher altitude, all extra baggage will be left at the gate."  ©Kathy Roberts

"If you run from the truth it will eventually chase you down and trip you up." ©Kathy Roberts
"Don't get caught in the trap of your emotions, it will lead you to a dead end" ©Kathy Roberts
"Whoever I feel will make the effort to do something for all people. I can easily choose one party over the other for many reasons, but that would be selfish. I look at this country, the United States of America and the world in general and not my own selfish desires. If we work together to improve conditions for everyone, the world would be less toxic. If you know something better feel free to challenge what I said, but come correct." ©Kathy Roberts

"For I cannot pretend to be less than I am to be suitable for someone else."  ©Kathy Roberts
"Don’t come down to someone else’s level, let them rise to the occasion." ©Kathy Roberts
"Haters are much like glass, you can see right through them and they crack under pressure. They only fool others like themselves or those who resemble them." ©Kathy Roberts
"Some people call God invisible (or say he doesn't exist). I'd much rather believe in the invisible than put my faith and trust in what I see in the world today." ©Kathy Roberts

“It is far more important to have your own individuality than to be a carbon copy or an imitation of another.” ©Kathy Roberts

"Don’t expect to climb mountains without busting a sweat” ©Kathy Roberts

“If you want to jump on the bandwagon, bring something valuable with you” ©Kathy Roberts
"I keep on rising no matter the circumstances; God is in control. Shocking? It shouldn’t be! That’s man’s way of thinking." ©Kathy Roberts "Poverty is not an excuse for self-destruction, but should be used for self preservation." ©Kathy Roberts
"Knowing who you are and what you’ve accomplished is far more important than waiting around... for someone else to recognize it or show their appreciation for it. You will wait in vain for that. Valuing yourself and your accomplishments is important." © Kathy Roberts   "Some see it as confidence. Some see it as cockiness. Eminem (the rapper) says, “I am who you say I am”. The great thing about it is I know who I am. The greatest thing above all is God knows who I am." ©Kathy Roberts
". . .I’d rather have a few good souls that I consider friends than a multitude of human waste." ©Kathy Roberts   . . ."Don’t worry about the occasional loss. It’s just a step back to learn something that you missed." ©Kathy Roberts

"I will never worship man. My worship belongs to God." ©Kathy Roberts

"Evil thrives when good men and women do nothing"
"A successful person is one who can lay a firm foundation with the bricks others have thrown at them."


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Around the World

"God is incredible. It was me and God in the courtroom today. Man THINKS he has power, but God always sets the record straight." Kathy Roberts
. . . Just checked out the site, love your pics, very powerful woman!! Lovely, thanks again! Be good, Kathy!! Ebony
So for you to do that for that long and with that much consistency is commendable. i don't think a lot of people realize what kind of devotion is involved. ...your commitment to your passion is impressive. To accomplish what you did in different weight classes is amazing. There is alot to be said for that type of dedication...peace Avarice
My pleasure. It is, as well an honor for me to get to interact with an individual who capable to articulate her thoughts elegantly and create a higher level for such an ordinary topic. Very inspiring ! Marcelia L.
Kathy, you are amazing!!! . . . Henry
I am pleased and impressed that your wisdom over shadows your achievements. That is how it should be. We were meant to become friends. Thank you and be blessed always! Bruce
To now know more about you just fills me with pride having you as my friend. I hope you will attempt to know me better as well. You can Google me. Bless you. You are great achiever. Bruce
You are so welcome Kathy..Let's keep in touch.god may have something "Bigger" for you...Just stay steady. We need encouraging words from each other from time to time, if not we get BURNED OUT just stay steady... Ride the wave , you'll be alright!!..Luv Ya!!...The devil git's busy...But we aint givin up !!!. Tanya
Dear Kathy, Congratulations on your muscle atonement efforts, and such a nice web-page. Clyde
Hi Kathy, I hope you are having a great year, so far !!!! Looks like you are still inspiring the world. :) Just wanted to say hello. Take care Erica
Hey Kathy, . . .Its good to see you lifting some serious weights there. I started lifting about 5 months ago doing squats, bench, deadlifts you know the usual compound core stuff but if I could lift like you I would be made up girl! Danny
"You're one powerful woman of GOD" . . . "In full force !!!" Marcelia
"I do, love your page and admire your accomplishments. Please be in touch, Kathy." Marcelia
Kathy, It was nice reading your reply message. Strong beliefs are first-class!. . . .Love and Blessings Clyde F.
Wow. Impressive is an understatement. Keep it up. Sean J.
. . . Kathy is an amazing athlete! Feins
Rock on! Hey Kathy, keep on doing what you're doing. Thanks for the inspiration. Peace, Chad
Seems like your name should be Slate, or Diamond or I'll think of more, rather than Kathy. I enjoyed your pictures. Canary
"Hey Kathy, thanks so much . . .thinking of me today! ... I KNOW your 2011 will be amazing - how could it not be with your wonderful and inspirational attitude to all in life! .. Here's to us both in this New Year - may we achieve all that we set our goals towards! xxx" Lucinda
Your doing great thing my sista!!! keep up the goodwork.Author-Poet Sharon
Kathy, It looks fantastic! I like the option for tabs instead of one long page. This site is much easier on the eyes and looks very organized. Good job. Robert
Wow. It looks 10 times better ready!! . . . great job! Danielle
Kathy, it's good to know there are other rational, reasonable, INTELLIGENT women out there. THANK you for being that voice! Kirin
Hi Kathy, . . .! I am very impressed with your background - and I have seen hundreds of thousands of backgrounds. You seem like an outstanding role model for all of your peers! Don
Thanks for viewing, I really appreciate it and for all the advice . . .Have a bless day Kathy and much respect to you and keep striving for the greater good ;-) much thanks for everything and all the kind words. Peace! JL
Kathy,Ok Kathy! That's the Kathy I know and made friends with. . . Keep winning, keep pressing and watch the mouths of your critics. They will be amazed when you make it big!:) . . . Haters will do what they do. That means you must do what you do and that is to make an impact on others lives in a positive way. Keep on inspiring and captivating others with your gifts. Let me know if I can help in any way! CJ
. . .I like what you write on your main Kathy roberts FB page...very insightful and informative and i try as best as i could to catch up on your updates, lots of wisdom coming from you ;-). Keep up the good work. Jr.
. . .You do have an amazing profile!! Best wishes, Sanjay
Your profile is impressive! Is there anything I can do for you currently? ~Keri

. . . I am very impressed with your profile. Let's keep in touch.  Best, Imran
SHOUT AND LOVE TO THE REAL WONDER WOMAN!!! Hope all is well in your QUEENDOM, I'm there!!  M.
This is definitely a keeper, I'm putting it down in my book of quotes and sayings :-) your on the money Kathy Jr
Hi Kathy, I sure hope you receive this. I went to your website...AWESOME!!! I knew you were a great person...But did not know all this about you. Let me know if you get this...would love to stay in touch. Brenda

I took some time to read about your life and opinions and I have to say that was impressive! . . . T. H.
You are very wise Kathy. God bless.  Michael
Thanks, Kathy. You are something else! I think your attitude has a lot to do with it!  Art
Hi Kathy. You are a very impressive woman with a great attitude! . . Andre
Hey Kathy, Your most and always welcome my friend, Your a kind and gifted soul, good wisdom and I will always support good genuine talent in what ever area of life we choose. You have what it takes and I wish you the best in what ever competitions you enter this year. Nuff respect Kathy!. . .JL
Your a strong woman within :-) Linton
Hi Ms. Roberts, I meant to write sooner but the weekend has just gotten away from me. I'm the owner of the red Honda that you saw get hit at the borders parking lot (my husband was the one you spoke to). I just wanted to say thank you again for letting us know about the accident. as disturbing as it was to know that someone hit our car while it was parked, the gravity of the news would have been doubled if the person left the scene without a note. my husband and I are both very grateful that you went out of your way to find us and have the other driver take responsibility for what happened. we will never forget your act of selflessness and will pay it forward as often as we can. . . . it's the least we could do for the amount of grief you have saved us from. =)  Penelope
Hello, You have listed some great resources for students. I worked this past year as a student teacher and currently teach summer school. I have referenced many of the links made available from your pages and my class has thoroughly enjoyed them thank you!. . . helpful addition to your kids resources: http://www.giftofstrength.com/just_for_kids_links.htm. . .-Lauren
 Hello sister Roberts!  I must commend you on your universal approach to life!! I would not have guessed that after meeting you on that faithful day of July 26th. that I would be given a renewed since of appreciation for "life" itself and it's varied countenance(s). I will never forget our conversation on that day, nor will I take the lessons learned from you for granted. Again, thank you; for you truly are a blessing to "us" all!. . .We had an insightful discussion . . . Again, your time and dialogue has given me newly-found inspiration. THANK YOU!Patrick
Sei una persona molto saggia, molto intelligente!! Chi comprende gli altri comprende anche se stesso.. Buona giornata Kathy!
You are very wise, very intelligent! . . . S.D.
Kathy, you said words of wisdom? Brava, I agree you should start from situations that seem simple to understand which setting you should take in politics to deserve honors ... The video is very magic.... Kathy are the big champions.. good very good sport.... and the builder very big performances... helloooooo...Sergio
Thank you sooooooo much they are sooooooooooo amazing ...Thank you so much you are such a good inspiration !!!!!!!!!. .  
Hey Kathy, . . . . Your a talented athlete, continue the great work that your doing, both on and off the gym. Have a fantastic week and take care of your self. Much respect Bless! JL

Amazing! and they say women are of the weaker gender? '-) have a great weekend Kathy...xoxo LAE



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Congratulations to R. Roberts for making the July Prince Hot 100 List in the Top 12. Nationally ranked in the Girls 14s and 16.
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